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Celebrating the Feminine

by Julie on May 7, 2011

Tweet For many years the ‘feminine’ has not been celebrated.  In this moving film, Dear Woman, men talk about their desire to change that. Do let me know your thoughts. Speak soon ……


Tweet Our words matter.  What we say has an impact not only on ourselves , but on everything around us. Our words can literally shape our reality. Watch this extraordinary film to see what I mean…. Speak soon…..

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Tweet If you knew that the World was going to end on December 21st 2012 what difference would that knowledge make to your life right now? It’s easy to stumble along imagining that  ‘day in day out nothing much changes’  and take people and the planet for granted; but what if you were told that […]



by Julie on December 4, 2010

Tweet My twelve year old daughter and I were playing in the snow yesterday,  and I was really struck by the beauty of snow, and how amazing snowflakes are.  I decided to google snowflakes and I came up with 3 interesting facts. 1. Every snowflake has it’s own unique shape and is different than all […]


Tweet There is no doubt that we are where we are due to the efforts of past generations. I’m sure that if some of our ancestors were alive today they would be shocked at the way civilisation has changed. We have much to thank previous generations for, after all millions died so that we could […]


We can all make a difference

by Julie on January 22, 2010

Tweet I received a film today from a dear friend of mine. ‘You Are The Light Of The World’ is  all about making a difference. It’s really easy for us to forget that each one of us can make a difference. Even the smallest thing, like a smile, can change someone’s day.  A kind word […]


Be the Change

by Julie on January 18, 2010

Tweet For those of you who don’t know me, my passion in life is supporting people to either make the changes they want to make, or relate differently to the changes that are happening in their lives. Last weekend I went to a symposium called BetheChange. The symposium ‘takes a fresh look at our most […]

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